Cancers cause mouth ulcers, learn how to

It is common to be prone to blisters in the mouth, but at times the problem increases so that the cause of fatal illness like cancer becomes the cause. Nidhi Goyal is giving information about the solution to this problem.

Cancers cause mouth ulcers, learn how to

Mouth ulcer is a very common problem, but ignoring it can also prove to be deadly, because it can also be a sign of a serious illness. There are many reasons for this, whose right treatment can give them freedom.

These are the signs

Ulcers in the mouth cause too much pain while eating and drinking.

Irritability occurs in practice.

Always feel tired.

Lulla starts to appear in the mouth wounds.

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Know the cause

Not necessarily because of which one person is bitten and the other person is also for the same reason. Many times the heat of the stomach also causes such blisters.

The use of excessive chilli-spices is also responsible for it, because if the stomach’s action is not correct, then its reaction can appear in the form of mouth ulcers.

Sometimes there is a tongue or cheek part of the tongue between the teeth while eating something, due to which the barks are formed. Such blisters usually cure themselves by mouth saliva.

The side effects of allopathic medicines can also cause ulcers in the mouth, especially with the use of antibiotics for long periods of time. Using antibiotic in a greater quantity reduces the number of good bacteria in our intestines. As a result, ulcers develop in the mouth.

It is common to have ulcers in the mouth due to the wrong structure of teeth. If the teeth are horizontally, pointed or half broken, and due to this they sting in the tongue or mouth or they are constantly rubbing them, the puffs are formed there. If a sharp tooth continues to fracture or sting with a tongue or cheek for a long time, then it can also lead to cancer. That is, its complete investigation and treatment becomes necessary.

After eating almonds etc, they become soaked even after sleeping without sleeping in the night. Apart from this tobacco, pan masala and smoking also cause mouth ulcers.

Mental stress is also one of the causes of mouth ulcers. Whether it is stress or work pressure in the job or any other thing.

If the blisters turn into cancer, then there is no pain in them at the beginning, but subsequent bleeding may start with sputum. Even in swallowing food, there seems to be trouble.

Hereditary can also be barks

Some diseases can also cause ulcers in the mouth, such as herpes infection or swelling of the large intestine. Apart from this, these cancers can also be hereditary and may also be due to lack of ability to fight diseases.

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What is diagnosis

If the blisters are normal, then the vitamins-B complex and folic acid tablets are cured by taking it for two to three days.

Painkillers are also found in the market. Their use gets relief immediately. Apart from this, boro glycerine can also be planted or potassium paramagnetate solution should be done.

If there is constipation due to ulcers, then one spoon of isbugol should be taken on the husk nights.

If there are barks due to the sharpness of teeth, then they should be rubbed. If the doctor advises to remove the tooth, then there is no harm in getting it out.

Due to the curved stars due to the side-to-side teeth, they can also cause barks in the mouth, because they often collide with gums.

Do not eat hot tea-coffee and chili-spices if you have a blister, because they can increase the pain.

The use of a more rigid toothbrush also causes gums to peel or wound in them. Therefore, always use soft brushes.

Remember, if any blister is not cured during the week, take it seriously and meet the doctor.

Keep an eye on mouth and stomach hygiene to avoid ulcers. The effects of weather also get bored in the mouth, such as too much heat.

How to treat

Patients with mouth ulcers should use Vitamin-C to eat. For this, you drink two-three glass orange juice daily. You can also get vitamin-C from tomatoes.

Avoid as much as you can, more spicy and fried foods.

Drink more fruits, drink plenty of water.

Do garrars two to three times a day.

Chew some leaves of Basil, it will get relief.

To reduce irritation of the bark, mix turmeric powder in glycerine and massage it on the ulcer.

Three types of mouth ulcer

Severe ulcer

As the name suggests, it is usually larger in size than the usual ulcer. This serious ulcer occurs only for one in 10 people. But when you find out that you have serious ulcers, you should immediately contact a good specialist.

Common ulcer

Most people suffering from ulcer are affected by general ulcer. It is also clear from its name that it is not too big in size and it is fine in about 10 days.

Herpetiform ulcer

The second name of herpetiform ulcer is also pinpoint ulcer. It is about three millimeters in size. Typically, only 10 percent of those who affect 10 to 40 years of age are affected by this ulcer. It is rare in children and the elderly.

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