Trump-Kim Summit A new history of friendship can be written today in Hanoi

US President Donald Trump and North Korea’s supreme leader Kim Jong, the much-awaited meeting of them, took place Wednesday late evening. After talks and dinner with Kim Jong, Trump tweeted – Great meeting and great talks. The White House issued a statement in Washington, saying both leaders are planning to sign a joint consensus after the talks on Thursday. Before the talks, Trump had tweeted: “Great opportunity for my friend Kim. Trump made it clear that instead of nuclear disarmament it was ready to give guarantee to peace and development to North Korea. China has described the talks for peace in the Korean Peninsula as important.

Trump-Kim Summit A new history of friendship can be written today in Hanoi

The two leaders meet on dinner at Metropole Hotel in the French colony building in Hanoi, capital of Vietnam. Together with their smiling hands, they expressed hope for the success of the talks. This is the second meeting of the two leaders after the meeting in Singapore in June 2018. Among the two leaders in Singapore, the Korean Peninsula had agreed to try together for nuclear disarmament and permanent peace.

The result of the understanding between Trump and Kim Jong is that North Korea has not tested any of the nuclear weapons or ballistic missiles for nearly nine months. No sharp statement came from either side. Meanwhile, North Korea also worked to demolish its nuclear test site. The stress of 70 years in the relationship between the two countries has been greatly reduced.

Before the summit on Wednesday, Trump expects to make the talks very successful, but will he withdraw from North Korea’s condition of nuclear disarmament, in reply Trump said two points – no. While Kim Jong said, in this meeting, the obstacles coming to fulfill the previous agreement between the two countries will be abolished. Kim said that he would make every possible effort on his behalf to make the negotiation a success. Both leaders will also be on Thursday.

20 minute confidential talk before dinner

Prior to the dinner, Trump and Kim Jong talked alone to 20. He also had similar talks in Singapore. After this solitary negotiation, the two leaders accompanied by US Secretary of State Mike Popeo, Trump’s Executive Chief of Staff Mik Malvani, North Korean Chief Envoy Kim Jong Chol and Foreign Minister Rei Yong Ho also came. After a brief interaction, they have dinner together.

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