WhatsApp From dark mode to group inventions, these are special features.

There are many new features to be added this year in the social media instant messaging platform WhatsApp. Some of these features have been rolled out for IOS devices, while there are many such features that will connect with both Android and iOS devices. Today we are going to tell you about some of the features that can be added to WhatsApp in the future. Let us tell you about 1.3 billion people worldwide that have 130 million WhatsApp users, 200 million or 20 million daily active users in India.

WhatsApp From dark mode to group inventions, these are special features.

WhatsApp Group Invitation

WhatsApp’s group inventory feature is already working, but this feature has been made even better. In the upcoming updates, the latest feature will be rolled out. According to its new feature, a user has to take a permit to add any user to a group for WhatsApp Group Invitation. You will not be able to add any member to the group without permission. The beta version of this feature will be rolled out for IOS soon.

WhatsApp dark mode

This popular feature of WhatsApp has recently been spotted in beta version. This feature will soon be rolled out for Android and IOS platforms.

Fingerprint lock

This feature has already been rolled out for IOS. This feature of WhatsApp will be rolled out to Android soon. With this feature of WhatsApp, users will be able to secure their personal chats via biometric lock.

Audio message

This audio message from WhatsApp has been redesigned again. With this feature added, users will be able to review before sending any audio files. With this feature added, users can send up to 30 audio files at a time.

WhatsApp From dark mode to group inventions, these are special features.

Voice message

With this feature added you will be able to send any user continuously in voice message order. Also, you do not have to tap the play button every time to listen to every voice message. After the first message is played, you will be able to listen to the messages sent in the order continuously without playing it without playing it.

Show chat

By adding this feature you will be able to see the main element of any shared image. If someone has forwarded an image to you, you will get information about the user who sent it to you first.

WhatsApp status

The WhatsApp status can also be changed. You will see a change in WhatsApp status since this new feature rolls out. The user you talk to constantly, you will see their status first.

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